Spleen (III)

"Of course you're not intimidating!", you say,
letting the enthusiasm in your voice play,
"And you're no outsider, either, no way!
I'm grateful that you're here with me; please stay!"
Thus, I do my best to keep those worries at bay,
as I try to place my trust in everything you say.
But as the time passes, day by day,
it becomes hard to ignore, try though I may,
how your replies and actions toward me weigh
against your words; and these sour thoughts stay
lodged firmly in my mind, beyond my power to allay.
Perhaps it doesn't trouble you, to pay
no heed to how it might affect the mood or day
of your friends when you conduct yourself this way;
but if you're confident that you're getting away,
that your negligence causes neither pain nor dismay,
then you're fucking stupid.