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23 May 2023

Hello hello, everyone~ It's been a while, hasn't it?
I've been IMMENSELY busy thus far this year, so rather than my old "once a month" update schedule, I've opted instead to bring things up to date here on Signal Tower only when I have something significant to share or report—and you'd better believe I've got some big news, heheheh~

Firstly, I've sponsored the Visual Novel Cup for this year, and will be serving as a judge for the submissions! There's still plenty of time left before the submission deadline, so if you've any interest in making a VN for it, I very strongly encourage you to do so. I've seen to it that the cash prizes are much, much larger this time around, after all~
Secondly, I've released a new album, titled Aimless Adventure! You can stream it on Bandcamp or listen to the tracks on the Sounds and Music page.
Lastly, I've uploaded over 20 new art pieces to the Hall of Images, including some traditional paintings!

Outside of some minor cleanup across the site, that's all I have to report for this update. I hope it was worth the wait, heheh.
Until next time, take care~

Music for this update: Meishi Smile - Belong
Character for this update: Kim

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