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21 May 2024

Goodness, it feels like it's been AGES since I last posted an update here! I can scarcely believe it's only been six months; it feels like a year or more!
But don't let the radio silence on this front deceive you: I've been keeping busy, and have even more new events and updates to announce, heheheh~
(Also, hot damn, 36k total hits and 13k unique hits??)

First and foremost, this year will be the five-year anniversary for the release of my first game, Remembrance! (Once again, it feels like it's been longer than that, maybe 6-7 years, but that's neither here nor there).
In light of that milestone, I've started working on a remake of Remembrance! The script for the game has been completely rewritten from the ground up, and will feature visual novel-style full-body portraits for all of the characters during cutscenes; new maps, CGs, areas, and music; and will even be playable in-browser (if everything goes as planned)!

Secondly, I've sponsored another game jam: The Menhera VN Jam!
The jam started just this past weekend and runs all the way until July, so there's still plenty of time left. If you have any interest at all in making visual novels, I very strongly encourage you to give it a look! Once again, there will be cash prizes for the winners~

Lastly, I've been playing a TON of backgammon over these past several months.
This isn't just some casual, passing interest in the game, mind you. No, I'm at a point now where I've spent hundreds of dollars on (overpriced) theory books and over a thousand dollars on high-end game boards, one of which I always have set up and ready to play on (and which I use pretty much daily).
On top of that, I've even started putting together write-ups on backgammon theory of my own, though that's been on the back-burner in favor of the aforementioned Remembrance work, heh.
If you happen to be a fellow backgammon enthusiast, my dear reader, please don't be afraid to contact me. Don't worry, I don't bite—not unless you buy me dinner and ask me nicely first, that is, heheheh~

That's all I have to offer at the moment. It's a bit sparse on content, I know, but don't despair: I'm currently knee-deep in music production, so I'll likely have another update ready in the near future in the form of a new album~
Until then, take care!

Music for this update: lolratz - EVEN WHEN I DREAM
Character for this update: ???

11 November 2023

Hiya, everyone! Did you miss me~? I hope this November finds you all well, heheheh.
At long last, it's time for another Signal Tower update! Truthfully speaking, an update has been long overdue for quite some time now, but hey, better late than never.
Not that that's deterred the traffic coming here: I cannot BELIEVE I've broken 25k total hits, or that I'm nearing 10k unique hits, at that. I'm deeply flattered, truly~

As you might imagine, I have plenty of news:

  1. THERA 2 is out! Downloads are available on Itch as well as here on Signal Tower.
  2. The final results for VN Cup 2023 have been announced! In particular, I highly recommend Nothing Somewhere, Hopeless Junction (NSFW!), and The Strange Case of Mei Lysel Andi, heheh.
  3. I've launched Signal Tower Broadcasts, a single-user Pleroma instance intended to serve as a blog of sorts.
  4. I've been streaming Remembrance with my friends Tio Tanuki and no one important! You can watch the VODs on YouTube.
  5. I've also started streaming on my own on Twitch occasionally.
  6. As usual, I've uploaded new art, new music, and even some new nonfiction writing.

You'll notice that, rather than being labeled "THERA 2", all of the pages relating to the new release are simply labeled "THERA". Going forward, all of the various THERA installments (plus whatever tangentially relevant extra content or other stuff I decide to throw into the mix) will be combined into a single bundled THERA release package.
That way, everything will be consolidated into one place (and, by extension, one download), thus I'll be able to make as many small chapters and standalone vignettes as I want without any extra work or tedium for you to experience them, my dear readers, heheheh~
Note that this bundle does NOT include Permanence (or Remembrance, for that matter); I'm still undecided as to if or how I want to distribute it together with THERA...

That covers all the highlights for this update. I hope you like it all, heheh.
Of course, I have more things in the works. None of them are quite ready enough to show off yet; they'll have to wait until next time~
Until then, take care, and enjoy the rest of your year!

P.S.: If YouTube ads are giving you trouble and/or a headache, I recommend using Firefox together with uBlock Origin. With the latter, make sure you go into the extension's settings and enable "uBlock filters - Quick fixes" at the absolute least (though your best bet is just to enable every single one of the filters, then also add the OISD Big filter as well for good measure, heheh).

Music for this update: Lone - Aquamarine
Character for this update: Ann

23 May 2023

Hello hello, everyone~ It's been a while, hasn't it?
I've been IMMENSELY busy thus far this year, so rather than my old "once a month" update schedule, I've opted instead to bring things up to date here on Signal Tower only when I have something significant to share or report—and you'd better believe I've got some big news, heheheh~

Firstly, I've sponsored the Visual Novel Cup for this year, and will be serving as a judge for the submissions! There's still plenty of time left before the submission deadline, so if you've any interest in making a VN for it, I very strongly encourage you to do so. I've seen to it that the cash prizes are much, much larger this time around, after all~
Secondly, I've released a new album, titled Aimless Adventure! You can stream it on Bandcamp or listen to the tracks on the Sounds and Music page.
Lastly, I've uploaded over 20 new art pieces to the Hall of Images, including some traditional paintings!

Outside of some minor cleanup across the site, that's all I have to report for this update. I hope it was worth the wait, heheh.
Until next time, take care~

Music for this update: Meishi Smile - Belong
Character for this update: Kim

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