Plot Synopsis

Q: What is this?
A: This is the first installment of a new series of interactive media, titled THERA! More specifically, this first entry is a basic visual novel.

Q: What's it about?
A: This entry of THERA follows the slapdash pilot broadcast of a TV program hosted by two remarkably stable and self-aware fragments named Hera and Despera.

Q: How do I read it?
A: Use Enter or the Z key to advance text and choose menu items, and use WASD or arrow keys to toggle options or change your menu selection.

Q: How do I save?
A: You don't. This VN is very short, roughly 15 to 20 minutes long at most, and is intended to be read all in one sitting.



Download links for the various different releases of THERA 1 are listed below in chronological order.
Be sure to choose the download version (i.e. Linux vs. MacOS vs. Windows 32-bit vs. Windows 64-bit) that corresponds to your operating system.
Additionally, THERA 1 can be downloaded from the Itch page for THERA 1.