Plot Synopsis

Remembrance is the story of a woman named Kim who wakes up in a strange place with only hazy memories of her past and how she got there. Together with a strange, magic-wielding entity named Jesse, she sets out in search of what she's lost, as well as to complete the mission assigned to her that, in Jesse's words, is of the utmost importance.

As she recovers and reflects on the memories of her life, however, Kim quickly realizes that some of the more powerful feelings and impressions in her mind, despite their nostalgic familiarity, don't match up with any of her memories...



You can download Remembrance here or visit the Itch page for Remembrance and download it from there.
To launch the game, run the "RPG_RT.exe" file located in the folder into which you extracted the .ZIP file.
Use the arrow keys to move, the Z or Enter key to interact with objects/characters and advance text, and the X or Esc key to open/close the menu.

You may need to install the RPG Maker 2003 runtime package in order to play the game
You can download the runtime installer here from the RPG Maker website.