Plot Synopsis

Rook is lost.

He was trying to fulfill a debt of gratitude. Indeed, he was compelled, duty-bound by his very nature to fulfill it. The situation, however, got out of hand, forcing him to abandon his friend lest he be destroyed.

Of course, this was intolerable. He swore to her he would repay her kindness! He SWORE it! To leave her to struggle alone in her time of need...! It wasn't long before he began seeking her out in earnest to make things right.

But then... well, it's unclear what happened, exactly. Perhaps something interfered with his teleportation in a major way? Whatever the case may be, when Rook tried to retrace his steps, he somehow tumbled outside of all of existence, landing abruptly on an odd mechanical platform floating in a void.

He's now at the mercy of this strange coin-operated machine and its yet stranger operator, a ghostly girl calling herself Charlotte. With her cooperation, his search continues, but he can't shake the feeling that something's stirring in the background, something far beyond even him and his friend's combined strength...



Content warnings

Permanence contains the following potentially sensitive adult content:

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